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I don't maintain lists of links to all of the places that do a particular thing, but I found that my hot list was categorizable. Here are some links to places that I like to go... I have used plus signs (+) to indicate pages that I personally value.

Oh, a quick note about fonts.  I have used a couple here that aren't on every pc:  Staccato 555 BT, and Haettenschweiler.  I don't know whether I have the right to distribute them, but I'm sure that if someone minds that they will tell me.  Send me a note and I'll email them to you.  


Links to pages related to my alma mater.


I like science, at least the parts of it that I think I understand. I get really wound up over maps.


I'm an amateur genealogist. These links get stale really fast, but follow them to see how to use computers and the Internet in your family history projects.


I like music, and I use my PC as a recorder and a sequencer.  I'm taking theory classes so I can study composition and orchestration later.


Links I use about things here in town mostly, to save time.


This is a game from another era, but it was really popular when I was a child. I've watched the world change and the game stay the same, sort of, and I like it because it lets me imagine that it's that old agricultural, here-comes-a-train, straw hat and bunting world right here on earth. And besides, Frank Thomas and Greg Maddux are just plain good.


Links to pages related to Complexity


Personal Computing

Science Fiction 


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A&M Links

Bonfire 1999

There's been a lot of talk this week, following the tragic accident at the bonfire, of ending that tradition.  I've endured enough talk radio opinions by people who don't understand our traditions that I feel like I have to speak my piece.  I personally hope that we continue with the bonfire.  I think that it will mean more to Aggies than it ever did before -- just like all of the other traditions that we have that deal with the death of loved ones.

At A&M, I learned that it's not how you die, it's how you live.  I don't think that you can go through your life trying not to die.  Two bad things will happen.  One, you'll die anyway.  Two, you won't live.  At A&M, we have a treasured tradition of service to a larger group -- the student body, our families, our country.  One other thing that they taught me at A&M during the 70s was the phrase, "Highway 6 runs both ways."  They meant that if you don't like it here you can leave the same way you got here.  We didn't leave.  We stayed because we wanted to be part of what we found there.

I don't think that anyone feels like it's a good thing for a young person to die working on bonfire.  Still, Aggies take risks to serve others.  I'm not the only former student who wouldn't say, "Take me, and leave these kids."  When I was at A&M in the 70s, my job on bonfire was serving coffee, popcorn and hot chocolate to the people working with the logs.  Bonfire is a bonding experience like no other.

I hope that the leaders at A&M redefine the 12th man tradition to include work on the bonfire, and honoring all of our other great traditions.  And I hope that the bonfire is preserved so that others can live the same way that so many have lived before them.  I plan to be there next year.

My heart goes out to the friends and families of the Aggies who were hurt last week.  My heart also goes out to the people who don't understand our tradition of service and sacrifice.  The latter group has lost more than the former, but they have a chance to change that.  They could find out about our traditions:  Bonfire, Muster, Silver Taps, the MSC, the drill field, the Elephant walk, Senior wood, Howdy, the 12th man, the Corps of Cadets, and many more.  Then look at your life and make some traditions of your own.  I hope that you can find as much fraternity and meaning in yours as we have in ours.

And if you don't care about our traditions, I would only respond, as politely as I can, that Highway 6 runs both ways.  It's bad enough to grieve over the loss of your own, but it's unimaginable that people would tell us how we ought to live during our mourning.

--- 21 November 1999

Dr Richard Becka's Social Security proposal for the New Millennium (added 20 May 2000)

CNN - College Football - Texas A&M
Phil Mitchell's Alternate Home Page
Phil keeps an old address list here.
Texas A&M University Athletic Department Official Web Site
Texas Aggie Football Websider
The Dayna Steele Homepage
An Old Aggie Player Buddy of Mine
Department of Philosophy
My old school.
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Links to pages related to Complexity
Bibliography for William J. Bratton
A man who changed the NYPD. Used an approach which resembles a CAS.
Complexity, Self-Organization, Emergence (broken)
Dee Hock: Institutions in the Age of Mindcrafting
The crafter of Chaord, and a man who's been there and done that.
Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation
The best starting point I know. It's also the FAQ for newsgroup alt.ai.genetic.
Information and Computation
A former new page I'm still curious about.
Is Anything Ever New? Considering Emergence (title page)
title page and abstracyt to a very sensible perspective on Emergence.
J. Complexity Bibliography
Bibliography for the Journal of Complexity.
Links on Complexity, Self-organization and Artificial Life
Principia Cybernetica.
Physician Sales & Service (broken)
Methods of rewarding employees in a CAS.
Shalizi Notebook on research topic.
The Locusts Have No King
Another Shalizi page
The Santa Fe Institute
The birthplace of integrated approaches to non-linear science as an academic discipline.
Welcome to the Bionomics Institute
A SantaFe type place, for economics.
A Business Researcher's Interests: Personal Construction Theory & Its Applications
No Silver Bullet Revisited American Programmer Journal (broken)
Complex Systems and Chaos Theory: @BRINT (tm)
What Is BPI?
Business Process Reengineering (BPR) & Innovation: @BRINT (tm)
Bruce Edmonds' Home Page
Modality Emergence
Thoughts on emergence
Is Complexity a Sham?  (broken)
KD Mine: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Resources Index
Darwin's Black Box: Irreducible Complexity or Irreproducible Irreducibility?
John Holland's ECHO
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Genealogy Bookmarks
BYU-ISSL - Family History Research
Description of the Roots Surname List (RSL)
Family History Technology Laboratory
Federation of Genealogical Societies - Home Page
A page I set up in 1995, now maintained by the extremely capable Mike StClair.
Federation of Genealogical Societies - Link to Relocated Home Page
Genealogy SF (broken)
GenServ - Genealogical Server Information !
Helm's Genealogy Toolbox
Journal of Online Genealogy: Submission Guidelines
Oliver Weiss Historical Translations
Rafal T. Prinke - Home Page
Silicon VAlley PAF Users Group Home Page
The Genealogy Home Page
The University of Kentucky
Tim Doyle's Home Page
Tom Wetmore's Home Page
Willow Bend Books (my cousin's place)
GENWEB - WWW Genealogy Demo Page
Yahoo - Search:Genealogy  
Zilker Internet Park WWW Server
Genealogical Research at the National Archives
Catawba County Genealogical Society- MAIN
GENTECH - Home Page
Everton's Genealogical Helper: Web Site
The Magazine is good, too.
Primary Source Documents
H-Net, Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine
If genealogy is family history, then history goes here.
GENTECH 2000 Program
The conference for technology in genealogy.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
One of the biggest link sites in family history.
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PC Week 598

Success Secrets of E-Commerce Winners
Annette Hamilton, Executive Producer
ZDNet AnchorDesk

Ten Who Dared to Be Different
PC Week's Top 10 E-Commerce Sites
Innovation and Faith Sustaining Pioneers
Microsoft Expedia
On-Line Travel Agency
GE Trading Process Network
Manheim Online
Internet Liquidators
CD Universe
Virtual Vineyards
Cisco Connection Online

IBM Corporation

IBM Research


IPL The Internet Public Library

KODAK: Sample Digital Images

Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page

MicroProse On-Line Home Page

NAR/HomeSelect Dallas Texas Regional Selection Page

PCL Map Collection

The Best of WWW Contest

The Dallas Page: Clubs and Organizations (broken)

The Economist

I like the editorials, surveys, science and technology ... I guess I like the whole paper.

The home page of KXAS-TV Dallas/Fort Worth

The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue

TITAS Home Page

Modern music and dance in North Texas? Call Titas and buy season tickets.


University of North Texas Welcome Page (broken)

Upside Online - Online

Welcome to FedEx

Who signed for it?

Welcome to RealAudio !

Welcome to ZD Net


Zilker Internet Park WWW Server

Archie Request Form

Search in Archie

New York Times Sections

RealPlayer Destinations (broken)
The Weekly Bookmark
Welcome to Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool
A pretty fair multi engine search tool.
Welcome to NEWS.COM  
Breaking News From A.P.
Story: Where to Find the Real Money. Business-to-Business E-Commerce Poised for Growth
The Ballgame - Splash Screen
Hong Kong: Web Directory
Information about the Netscape global history
The TimeTraveller
Made in China
ASA-30  (broken)
Late News Update
InterGuru's Home Page
Institute for the Study of Civic Values
The Guide to Unbiological Species
Panorama Photographs Collection
Common Errors in English +++
Graphic Design - Welcome from The Mining Company
Adeveloper - Web Development Java and HTML Links
Civil War in Miniature
The Residential Energy Efficiency Database
Jacova's Theatre Page
this is comoflow
CNN - El Niņo
Photographies - Marc Deneyer - Photographs
RealPlayer Plus Home Page
CNN Interactive - Indepth Reports
MSDN Online Library

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Music Stuff
CAKEWALK Music Home Page
Cakewalk Mailing List Home Page
Classical MIDI Archives
EINet Galaxy
SoundCanvas User's Group WWW Help Centre
SYNTH ZONE - Midi resources & synthesizer sounds list
The SoundCanvas Users Group
Music & Computers: Current Issue
MIDPLUG   - a software version of the Yamaha XG
The SoundCanvas Users Group
CK's Home Page
The Official George Crumb Home Page
Welcome to ENCORE!
Encore is a notation program.
Robert Finley's Classical Midi Page
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PC Links

Personal Computer Software and Hardware Sites.
About Java
Eudora FAQs & Links
KODAK: Sample Digital Images
Magic Cookies in Netscape/Internet Explorer
What's this whole cookie thing?
MicroProse On-Line Home Page
Welcome to RealAudio !
Welcome to ZD Net
Windows95 Annoyances
Welcome to RealMedia !
*PC Computing* Daily Dozen
PC Computing Daily Dozen
Pacific CommWare - Home Page
Story: *PC Computing* Picks the Best 200 Products
The Windows Mill
Machine Learning in Games
Machines can learn.
The Access Web
Dev Ashish's definitive site for MSAccess
Real Media 
The home of Real Player, Real Jukebox, real things
Dial-up Networking could not negotiate a compatible set of network protocols
Information about the Netscape global history
Slipstick Systems Exchange Center
The Best Site for Outlook ideas that I have seen.
Welcome to C!
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All Things Considered 
My favorite non-sports radio program.
AltaVista: Simple Query sharbrough
Dallas-Fort Worth Edition  
The Dallas Morning News The Front Page
INTELLICAST: Dallas/Ft. Worth Weather
Weather for Grapevine, TX
Yahoo! Get Local: Grapevine, TX 76051
Local news.
TV Guide
Really.  It's a great website.
Movies.  What's on.  When.
CNN - Related stories and sites for Academy Awards story - Feb. 11, 1997
Welcome to E! Online - Front Door
New Acting Book Expands Upon Teachings of Sta.

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Science Links
CNN - Science - Technology
Galileo Home Page (JPL)
Knowledge Base Search Results
KQML - Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language
PCL Map Collection
Space Shuttle Launches
Space Telescope Electronic Information Service (link broken)
STS-71 KSC Electronic Photo File
Technology Review Home Page
Technology Review Magazine
Technology Review: It's 10 O'Clock: Do you know where your data are?
The Galileo Probe (NASA Ames News & Photo Archives)
New Scientist Planet Science: Keysites - Hot Internet Issues and Cool Sites
New Scientist Planet Science The Last Word S.
alphaWorks - Home of the latest technologies .
Rank Xerox Research Centre
World Future Society Home Page
Inside AT&T Labs
El Nino Theme Page
NOAA/PMEL/TAO El Nino Theme Page - access distributed climate data and information related to the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon
Math FAQ

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Science Fiction

Yahoo - Entertainment::Babylon 5 
Spoofs and takeoffs
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

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Baseball Prospectus 1997
EINet Galaxy
ESPNET SportsZone
Sports Information Server
SportsLine USA - HomePage
The Baseball Server
Houston Astros Baseball !!!
Jamey Newberg's Texas Rangers Minor League Report
Texas Aggie Football Websider

highly ranked college football team.

Clutch City Online
The Rockets are still my team, even if I don't know who plays there.
NBA.com: The Official Site of the National Basketball Association

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Small Business Folder

Web sites that are useful to small businesses
CNN Financial Network
financial news and other facts
CorpFiNet  (link broken)
listing of firms with leasing and financing groups that focus on small business
Idea Cafe
the small business gathering place
Interactive Nest Egg
on-line version of Nest Egg Magazine
legal directory and resources
MCI Small Business Center
information and links
Small Business Gateway - EPA
Clean Air Act issues
federally sponsored trade, buiness and economic information
Tax Analysts
update on tax rules
The Small Business Connection
information and links

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The Things I haven't categorized yet

Inference Find
My favorite search engine.
The place that archives usenet. Searchable. Cool. Useful.
One of the few sites that loads slower than this one.
Atlapedia Online
Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
Rare Map Collection 
The Hargrett Collection
Computer Strategy Games
The Dismal Scientist (Economics) 
Inside AT&T Labs
Welcome to RealMedia !
*PC Computing* Daily Dozen 
PC Computing Daily Dozen has been (discontinued, but it was a good idea.  Here's a link to PC Computing magazine instead).
New Scientist Planet Science: Keysites - Hot Internet Issues and Cool Sites
Dallas-Fort Worth Edition
ANS Online - NewsRoom
Windows Superguide
FrontPage 98 Quick Tips
SCPOP Home Page
PBS Online Presents: I, Cringely
The Top 5 List
The Center for the Easily Amused

Nature Photography Website Guide
A different way to Marc Deneyer's Greenland Photos

Add Me!
This site will let you register your site at 34 search engines for free.


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